STRANDED-By Emma White

~*~My Story~*~

With my image each cone represents a person in my life,

My friend, my friend’s baby nephew and I,

This baby is only 4 months old and he was born with,

Congenital nephrotic syndrome,

This is a very rare syndrome,

Which resulted in a kidney failure,

He would need a double kidney transplant,

e is the only one in Tasmania to have this disorder,

And he has a very high risk of dying before the age of five,

But everyday I went into the hospital he still managed,

To put a smile on his tiny face,

Even though his in so much pain,

So this image represents,

My friend and I wanting to help,

But there’s got that ditch we have to cross to get there,

And as much as we want to help there’s nothing we can do,

But be there for him,

And even if we do get past that ditch,

With him making it through operations,

There’s still got more barriers to cross,

Because we need a donor and,

As much as my friend and I want to give him our kidney we can’t,

So it’s all just a matter of time to see if we can pass,

Those Barriers!

~*~My Poem I wrote for him~*~

I’m here for you!

I see the sadness in your eyes

Pain etched across your face

How I wish I could take you away

To a happy and secure place

Remember that I’m here for you

And I’ll always care

I may not really be of much use

But the pain I want to help bare

You will get through this difficult time

And the pain will fade away

Soon this will be a distant memory

Left in the past

Where it would stay!