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Budget Vouchers

The expansion of the Literacy and Numeracy voucher scheme is an indictment on this Liberal Government. Trialled last year only one in six Tasmanian eligible students was able to participate. It is hypocritical when a government’s mantra is ‘the right to choose’ to mandate a process that does not allow parents to involve their schools. The Tasmanian Principal Association is very critical of the process (Media release 10th May) noting ‘it is cumbersome and time consuming to administer’. It is time the Federal Government listened to the views of those working in the profession rather than mandating the continuation of a program that is fundamentally flawed. The program stipulates that only part time teachers or relief teachers are able to act as tutors. A lack of supply means that in outlying areas, schools are simply unable to access trained tutors. It would seem that once again, the majority of the money will be returned to treasury, denying students the assistance they urgently require.