Education rebate

Our countries education budget is being stolen from ordinary Australian families by powerful church and private schools lobbying Canberra for more funding each year. Why should these groups have any access at all to the taxes we pay to educate Australian children? Each year more of our public schools are closed or amalgamated and our best teachers are attracted to the private schools. The results of this policy is only starting to be felt by our communities in that we have more young Australians leaving public schools without a proper education diminished job opportunities , turning to drugs and crime , filling our courts and jails and the seeds of youth anarchy are becoming apparent in our society. The church and private schools argue that they are non profit organizations however they still accumulate wealth in property, buildings ,ovals and sports equipment, swimming pools, buses and in some cases life long congregations in there churches. These private schools should be treated the same as any private business in the market place and let them compete with each other without dipping into the education rights of ordinary Australians.