Ecology v's Economy


There are certain things everybody knows in their hearts to be true. These are not truths carved out purely by considering the outcome of a choice; we come to these decisions after consultation with our hearts and taking note of our gut feelings. One of the things I know to be true is that the biggest drawcards Tasmania has are its people, history and natural assets.

Our labour government sees fit to trade Tasmania’s ecology for its economy. If we are talking about dollars here, tourism and Tasmania’s “clean, green image” ensures Tasmania thousands of tourists each year. I don’t believe we can maintain this image and also indefinitely continue our old growth logging practices, not to mention the proposed new pulp mill spewing out smog and toxins into our atmosphere. We cannot successfully have both, as Mr. Lennon states we can.

In my opinion, we have something unique in the rich history of Tasmania and should attempt to capitalise on this, rather than follow the rest of Australia and “developing countries” by over-utilisation of our natural and precious resources.

In saying this, I am not anti-development, just anti-destruction of our natural environment. There are so many opportunities for Tasmania to prosper economically, we have a wide range of unique export opportunities and many stunning locations fit for accommodation and tourist operations.

This is something I know in my heart to be true and believe in years to come we will all look back and regret the decisions of today and miss what we once took for granted.


Nicky Keen