Council elections are about to hit us. Approximately 50% of all sitting members are up for re-election, so now is the time to campaign against the PAL Act. It needs a strong resistance at grass roots level and the Councils are the only ones that can officially do that. In the past they have fully conformed to what the government wants, and the people have been ignored. They worked in secret to pass draconian amendments which would deprive the public of their rights, and pushed these through to the RPDC before the people were informed as to what was happening. The Councils are at it again, working in secret to amend the new version of the Act, and it is not going to be any more in favour of the residents than the previous version. If anything, it will be worse, and all the protests and petitions will come to naught. The PAL Act favours no-one except the large timber corporations and it is this that is going to see the destruction of our farming industry. There is a lot more to it and the powers behind the scenes are pushing for it to be approved, but resistance could be generated and even civil disobedience from the concerned councils towards the government by refusing to implement it. It will take brave people and there appears to be those people standing for election. What needs to be done is for all action groups and concerned citizens and organisations to identify these people and try to get them elected. If there is some unity of purpose throughout the councils, this Act could actually be thrown out. After all, it is us that it is aimed at, and it is not for our benefit. It needs to be resisted, and this is the best opportunity that we shall have for the next four years. It needs action NOW!

Barnaby Drake
13276 Lake Highway, Golden Valley, Tas Australia