Protection of Agricultural Land Policy

We are told that the policy is needed to protect agricultural land. It will prohibit the building of a residence on titles less than 50ha. Unless the owner can prove to be operating a viable agricultural operation. Firstly we do not have a shortage of agricultural land, and secondly, the best way to protect agricultural land is ensure that the primary produces receive an adequate return on the capital invested and effort and expertise involved in running a viable operation.

Farmers planning retirement from properties with multiple smaller titles will no longer be able to realise the best sale price in those titles to fund their retirement. For the majority of primary producers their land is their only superannuation. Imagine the uproar if urban residence were told that a government policy would remove 50% of their superannuation. Hundreds of titles zoned rural, and less than 50ha, exist in most areas of Tasmania. The majority of these titles are over 100 years old.

Many Tasmanians are now going to be denied the rights to choose a rural life style on a country block or hobby farm. Those who have purchased such titles n good faith will now find that the land will be worth only a fraction of the price paid, and no compensation. A council planning officer will decide the future of your lifestyle. You will either be forced to live in a city or town or become a primary producer, and there is not much incentive in doing that!

It would appear that even Minister Kon’s senior planning advisers have little understanding on the draconian policy that they are preparing.

The P.A.L will not protect agricultural land. We are already over-regulated. Do we need another layer of bureaucracy dictating what we can and cannot do on our own property?

Minister Kons, save the government some money and time, and do us all a favour. Forget about reviewing the policy. Just rescind it.

Linsay Millar