Will tree farms be allowed to erode our agricultural land and jeopardise our reputation having of clean soil. The state has overwhelmingly rejected GE and has opted for a future based on natural and organic products. So why is our department of agriculture and forestry steering these tree plantations directly through our most valuable agricultural land. The tree farmers do not have to conform to the same rules as our organic farm food exporters have to. How can we expect the rest of the world to want to buy our farm produce if we allow tree farms, with all the obvious use of pesticides and poisons, to co-exist in the same valleys as our local community of natural farmers. Tree farming giants are simply using tax incentives to buy out the freehold agricultural land. These tax right offs are paying for the land - the trees are simply the cherry on top. All agricultural areas should be classified in relation to their viability and yielding potential. Perimeters should be drawn around these areas with combined water catchment protection and all tree farming should take place outside these areas. We must protect our future agricultural land for our sons and daughters enabling them to reap the benefits of an ever increasing demand for our natural and organic agricultural products which can only be produced from our exsisting fertile farming land.