With reference to Peter Cusick's letter in the Mercury on Oct 2nd - unfortunately it's not just the Hippolytes that are affected. If you read the RPDC proposal (192 pages) the Bruny bioregion has proposed marine parks including :- Tasman Island, Cape Pillar, the Friars, Opposum Bay, Slopen Island, Lime Bay, Betsy Island, Huon Estuary, Droughty peninsula, South Arm and more. All of this with, what appears to be little or no scientific evidence that anything needs protection - rather that brilliant piece of bureaucratic and scientific bulldust "the precautionary principle" seems to be prevalent, in the case of Waterfall Bay one reason given is "to protect the geomorphic features of high significance (eg sea caves, sea cliffs, etc) " I fail to see how anyone drifting around in a 14' tinny could possibly affect a cave (sorry, geomorphic feature) I have no problem with protecting area's or species that require protection, but this snow job beggars belief. I would love to hear what our local members, both Federal and state have to say about this unwarranted intrusion into the Tasmanian lifestyle. If there is a need for these large area's to be protected, let's have the evidence that anything is being damaged by current activity. Oh yes, and please don't even consider putting a development anywhere near the myriad of endangered/protected species in Ralph's bay to say nothing of it's special geomorphic features. Those opposed to such developments would be wise to read the RPDC draft proposal on the Bruny bioregion and use it as a training tool.

Phil Sandman