Comments by Tasmanians Against the Pulp Mill (TAP) spokesperson Bob McMahon that civil unrest will be used to oppose the pulp mill if approved through the democratic process are reprehensible and totally unacceptable. Forest Industries Association of Tasmania CEO Terry Edwards said “such comments have no place in civilised society and if civil unrest is used it must be met with the full force of the law.” “We call on Bob McMahon to unequivocally withdraw this highly inflammatory call for Tasmanians to deliberately break the law which simply amounts to an attempt at mob rule”, Mr Edwards said. “We are gobsmacked that Mr McMahon would publicly incite lawlessness to circumvent the democratically elected leaders of our State and Federal Parliaments making decisions on behalf of all Tasmanians. Mr McMahon must be brought to heel in the interest of civil order and public safety.” “TAP, which is well known as a front for the Wilderness Society, is not above the law and calls of this nature are improper and demonstrate that TAP will stop at nothing to get their own way.” Vigorous debate and legal dissent are part and parcel of a healthy democracy, Mr Edwards said “but calls for civil disobedience go beyond the poll.”

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