The Forest Industries Association of Tasmania (FIAT) has welcomed the in principal approval of Gunns proposed pulp mill but says that it is a shame that the independent Federal assessment will force further delays in the projects timeline. FIAT Chief Executive Terry Edwards said “It is fantastic to see the mill receive in principal approval from the Federal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull and to see that the project is in line with Australia’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act .” “It is clear that the Federal assessment has been thorough and truly independent.” “It is a shame, however, that the addition of the ten days public comment on the conditions will cause further delays for the proponent, costing around $1million per day.” “FIAT urge the Federal Government to limit these delays as much as possible and are optimistic that delays will be no longer than a week or two at the most.” “It is hoped that the extensive operating conditions placed on the project by the Federal Government will restore community faith in the thoroughness of this assessment process.” “It is time to finalise the long running debate and allow those charged with the responsibility of making the decisions on the approval for the mill to do just that – make their decision.” “It is also relevant to record that those State Members of Parliament that claim there is too little time to properly assess the mill and its environmental licence conditions should concentrate on that process and not on cheap political stunts such as that flagged by Nick McKim.” “The Greens and other anti-pulp mill activists such as the Wilderness Society need to stop their delay games. The time for grandstanding is past and it is now time to focus properly on the approval of the mill.” forest industries logo