The campaign by rich New South Wales businessman Jeffrey Cousins against Malcolm Turnbull demonstrates an “all care no responsibility” approach. Forest Industries Association of Tasmania Chief Executive Terry Edwards said “Cousins announced intention to campaign against Turnbull in his marginal Sydney seat of Wentworth without himself nominating for the seat was a cowardly act of bullying.” “Mr. Cousins should have the guts to stand up and be counted in the up coming election and not simply stand on the sidelines throwing rocks at those who have the ticker to stand for public office” Mr. Edwards said. Cousins snuck into Tasmania one weekend, became and expert on pulp mills, met with Bob Brown and suddenly turns on Malcolm Turnbull like a rabid dog. The connectivity between these events is no mere coincidence.” Mr. Edwards said. “In our view Cousins should put up or shut up, nominate for Wentworth and stand directly against Malcolm Turnbull or leave the politicking to the politicians.” forest industries logo

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