The West Coast is an and isolated area, about 1 1/2 hours by car to Burnie on a good day, in ice or fog it takes longer, snow makes the road impassable. We have poor public transport. Rosebery Hospital served the West Coast with seven beds and a 24-hour service. Emergencies were dealt with any time of day or night. This facility was down graded to a community health centre in September; open 8am-6pm weekdays, 9am-5pm weekends. The area has two ambulances. If an ambulance is needed, both vehicles have to attend there is no spare paramedic. If the patient is transported to Burnie, one ambulance sits idle because there is no driver. If there is an emergency during this time, there is no ambulance and no hospital to attend because both drivers are elsewhere. Who will attend the patient, the undertaker?
Rosebery hospital needs to be re-opened now before there is a major incident and people die.

Margaret Smith, Rosebery.