Diesel fuel is the lifeblood of our Nations productivity. Australia’s producers rely generally on machines which traditionally have burnt low cost diesel fuel which has enabled our pioneers and fathers to compete with other countries who have had either government subsidies, cheap labour and cheap fuel costs. Our Country was built and has survived on the availability of this fuel so why is our prime minister allowing our smaller trucking companies, farmers, miners, timber harvesters, fishermen and earth movers to be squeezed out of existence, which for some could mean the loss of everything they have worked for. Our government simply can’t blame overseas fuel prices when they are loading the price with huge taxes themselves. The government has been having a big lunch off these fuel taxes for too long, Canberra should ease up and stop spending so much themselves. Simply because the government sector is costing this country too much to operate for what it produces is no excuse for the Howard Government to continue to rip off the hard working producers of this country. Canberra should reduce fuel tax in our commercial and production industries rather than risk loosing a proportion of our producers. If we really have free trade maybe Tasmania should import its own diesel fuel and give our states producers a helping hand rather than silencing their engines.
Mick Galpin