Today’s decision by Justice Shane Marshall to reject all grounds of objection raised by the Wilderness Society and The Investors for the Future of Tasmania against the Federal Environment Minister, Malcolm Turnbull in the assessment of Gunns proposed pulp mill, should mark the end of the delay tactics by anti-pulp mill groups.
The Forest Industries Association of Tasmania, Chief Executive, Terry Edwards said “we are pleased that the delay tactics of the Wilderness Society and Investors for the Future of Tasmania were not allowed to derail the pulp mill project and we are not at all surprised that their claims did not hold up in court.”
“The Wilderness Society is an old hand when it comes to stopping development and they knew that if they could delay the projects assessment past the end of August that they would make it economically unviable for the proponent to proceed and the mill would never be assessed.”
“This was their end game, but we now call on the anti-pulp mill campaigners to allow the pulp mill project to be assessed fairly in accordance with the State and Federal legislated processes without further delay tactics.”
“We also believe Investors for the Future of Tasmania must release the full findings of their recent poll into community responses to the pulp mill in good faith including the results by age, gender and geographic distribution of the respondents; so that we can all gain a more accurate picture of community views on the project.”
“We have the ultimate confidence in the assessment processors for this project at both State and Federal level and we hope that this ruling has reassured Tasmanians that the assessment processors are robust.”
“The announced intention of the Wilderness Society and The Greens to continue to oppose the pulp mill regardless again clearly demonstrates these extremists will never accept a decision that goes against them and that they will oppose all economic development activities in Tasmania to the ultimate detriment of the economy of the State.”
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