Cable car on mount Wellington.

DO we live in a state full of dinosaurs? A cable car seems an excellent venture. It sounds like the Mount wellington trust are very similar to local councils. Old thinkers who easily find excuses to prevent positive change. It’s frustrating, most people want positive development in our wonderful state but “the green at any cost” approach to any changes is killing us. Why do you think tassie is always overlooked in federal Matters? Why as a state are we the only one classed as regional? The Northern Territory which is thousands of KM’s from the east coast of Australia has a bigger population than Tassie. People like myself who moved back after leaving the state in the depressive 90’s are very frustrated at the backward nature of our state. Progressive thinkers are suppressed by the dinosaurs who hold the power. We pay more for: Food, electricity & fuel but have the lowest wages in Australia. Logically people should move out of the state but we love our state the same as the dinosaurs. We need to move with the times to stop sinking. Honestly it’s a love hate relationship.


Paul Coppleman