The proposed Crescent Bay development is exactly what Tasmania needs to put its beautiful walks and pristine scenery on the tourist map. How can the State Government promise the Tasman Peninsula the Three Capes walk and not support an idyllic stop over point on this route? There are other areas that need to be developed along the proposed Three Capes walk, like Fortesque Bay which is already an amazing playground for many of us. However, like Crescent Bay, it could also be upgraded and utilised as a rest and amenities area along this walk. What is the Crescent Bay objector’s solution for bushwalkers who need to answer the call of the nature? Should they scratch in the scrub and join the thousands of wombats, possums, wallabies and rabbits that are already having a big dig at this environment every night? Let’s not forget that the proposed Crescent Bay eco-lodge will need to enhance and upgrade the immediate walking tracks within it’s proximity with obvious benefits to all users of this area. Its time we realised that the likes of Dick Smith’s family wanting to invest capital into these areas should be encouraged and welcomed as it will motivate our Government to push forward with the Three Capes walk. Presently, bushwalking services and tracks in the area are almost laughable and in some places dangerous. The Three Capes trek is going to require capital and servicing to allow all bushwalkers and tourists alike to enjoy this walk and its stopovers. How can the Port Arthur district claim to be our tourist mecca when the whole area attracts very few people to stay overnight and after hours food and fuel is practically non-existent? Tourist based businesses on the Tasman Peninsula are already struggling with the lack of activity and visitors to this area. Although the Crescent Bay eco-development may only entertain certain tourists, it will ultimately enrich the surrounding area by highlighting the amazing Three Capes walk, making the trek an accessible drawcard on the tourist map. The council must be encouraged to act for the majority of Peninsula citizens that know this type of progress will help tourist operators in the area. Is bureaucratic insanity taking place within our island with dirty developments being given the go ahead while eco-developers are being harassed and scared away? We must give a clear sign to investors that the Tasman council is open for business, especially for eco-friendly developments that will ultimately help provide the funds to maintain this coastal environment for all of us to enjoy and share with wildlife.