Crescent Bay: Lost Opportunities

Yet another entrepreneur has been willing to pour much-needed investment into Tasmania but instead been stonewalled by red tape and incompetence. Dick Smith was willing to provide Crescent Bay with an outstanding opportunity to lift tourism and offer employment to many locals while maintaining and protecting the integrity of the Tasman Peninsula. This is not an isolated case. Just ask Alan and Wendy Cameron from Bicheno. The Camerons also were invited to the State to finance and develop a multi-million dollar eco-tourist development, offering a boost to the East Coast’s tourism industry while also protecting and maintaining the integrity of the area. We are all bombarded with propaganda about how our tourism and environmental stance has made Tasmania such a great place to visit, bringing in much needed income, jobs and investments but as soon as a viable position is put forward it is rejected by an ill-informed minority. The majority of Tasmanians, and Australians in general, would welcome the efforts of Alan and Wendy Cameron and Dick Smith to help maintain Tasmania’s place on the must-visit list for tourists worldwide, ensuring the State remains the best address in the world. I am curious as to why the pulp mill will be built when so any Tasmanians object to it but investment opportunities offered by the likes of Dick Smith and the Camerons are blocked. I suppose democracy is ruled by the majority, as long as the minority agree?

Darren Stewart