Aurora's drastic increase

With the drastic increase in the cost of supplying electricity by Aurora, to residences and businesses, costing between 15% to 20%, is another imposition that the Tasmanian community cannot afford to bear. Recently, along with the marked increases in Rates & Taxes, especially in the Sorell Municipality of 10% and that of Clarence of approx. 30%, with Land Tax increases between 200% to 300%, Interest Rate rises, the increases in food and clothing, from the effects of the drought, coupled with fuel prices, has stretched the limit of many household budgets, undoubtedly causing hardship to many families . It is understandable that price rises are necessary to keep up with at least the CPI, but these rises are exceedingly far above the consumer index. But the Treasurer, Michael Aird’s statement, that price rises could be offset by having salary and wage increases, is inane, for to increases the salary and wages, so as to offset price rises will only cause inflation, forcing commodities to rise, along with the dreaded Reserve Bank’s interest rates. Yet being a politician like Mr Aird has its advantages, as they have been known in the past to collectively through parliamentary means, give themselves pay rises. “Never forget the $40% pay rise” catch cry, whilst other workers on fixed wages and salaries, have never had this luxury and have to fight through arbitration, whose outcomes are not always favourable with the government. However, more pity the pensioner who is on a fixed income, and having to cope with another impost that they can ill afford. Also bearing in mind, that Tasmania is already widely known as one of the dearest place to live in Australia with regards to travel, food, housing, clothing, fuel (petrol /diesel), with lower wages and salary earners, as compared with our mainland counterparts. It takes no Einstein’s mind to work out, that it is vital for Tasmania’s prosperity to keep employment viable for our young people, so as to alleviate “the brain drain”, as well as to attract entrepreneurs for our future. Therefore, this outlandish increase in electricity, along with other government taxes will undoubtedly cause the stifling of future business growth, as well as the increasing cost of goods and services to the wider community.

Graham. K.J. Alomes,