Seperation of Aurora from Transend

If the Tasmanian Government believes a 15% increase in the cost of electricity is justified in order to keep Aurora viable, a review of the separation of Aurora from Transend should be undertaken. Since the break up of what was known as The Hydro a massive duplication of administration has occurred. The cost of this duplication is born by all electricity users and is unjustified. Transend deals with very high voltage electricity and its transmission over long distances, Aurora deals with high and low voltage transmission over shorter distances (arbitrarily named distribution). The operating principals, administrative requirements, and skill sets are so compatible that for decades, Tasmania had a reliable well maintained system which delivered affordable electricity to customers by the one entity. Not any more. One only has to look at the number of Aurora power poles being reinforced by steel sleeves because they are rotting below the ground (Its no accident that we are seeing more power poles snapping at the base from low impact car crashes) to realise that their has been a death of on the ground maintenance in recent years. While the physical assets have been aging, since the creation of Aurora the bureaucracy has been burgeoning. I have no doubt that the real reason for the creation of Aurora and Transend was to facilitate their sale to the private sector. The sale of these assets now, is supposed to be off the political agenda. For the sake of all Tasmanians and the long-term reliability of our electricity system, Transend and Aurora should be combined. The cost savings to consumers and the potential operating benefits are more than adequate justification.

Martin McManus ,
Deputy Mayor,
Clarence Council