The Brooker Highway

YES Well!---- our roads and the Brooker HWY are not a new subject are they? It’s something that rears its head again & again because no one has done any long term work on our cities infrastructure. YES the government wanted people to come back and repopulate the state "we will help you". People came back to pretty much the same thing. Tooo much red tape & not enough of just, doing something. You'd never think that the phrase “Pass the buck" was an American term. Our fellow mainlanders either just do it or thay have planned far enough ahead and it gets done. Its lucky we have an easy going population down here otherwise the steps of government house would be awash with the voter’s displeasure.
Looks like Mr Cox is sidestepping the issue again. A bit more revenue raised by fines again. But do we see any "major work" done on our Roads? Signage? In this day & age demand for things" NOW" does not mean people are going to slow down. If the driving experience can be less stress free. Meaning bigger, better & safer roads. People can get to there destination without roundabouts & endless traffic lights.

Paul Coppleman