The Tasmanian ferries may be the Bacon government’s greatest decision for the state, however as this elation flows away, their legacy will be remembered for allowing Hydro Tasmania to lease our water reserves for the next 25 years to an English company through Basslink. Have we been confused and hoodwinked into thinking the proposed wind farms are what this deal is all about when in real terms the answer isn’t blowin’ in the wind. The wind can’t be whistled up when peak electricity is on demand and can only be relied on for 25% of the time. Therefore, the essence of the Basslink deal relies on draining our state’s water reserves. Will this English consortium have unlimited access and control over our water during droughts periods while the real owners of this water, the Tasmanian people and her farmers, will be subject to huge water restrictions and penalties? The pittance of $40 million per annum Basslink will pay to the government for these controlling water rights, is a kin to the “40 pieces of silver”, as they will crucify our future farming industry, which could have been developed into billions of dollars for our state and her people.