Draft plays havoc

As the season is fast coming to an end, and young prospects in the draft appear, for the lower placed teams it’s a fight for who can seal some of the AFL’s talented rookies. Is this really what we come to see footy for, Anthony Koutoufides believes Carlton loosing will only benefit as they search for the number one pick implying that the wooden spoon appears to have lost its dreaded nature. In other sports such as soccer, teams looming in relegation are battling out some extraordinary matches to save them from the bottom three, loosing in these types of sports is not an option. It looks ominous that Richmond, Carlton or Melbourne will claim honours in the draft, leaving Sundays Carlton vs. Melbourne match a battle of who wants to loose the most. This is not how we should be playing football if teams are not playing with the passion and intensity that people like Ted Witten expressed to us, we might as well not play at all.

By Sam Stoffelen