Jockeys lose out

Tasmanian Thoroughbred Racing Council chief executive Rohan Mitchell’s comments “owners put on the show” is the fundamental reason jockeys are going on strike. I was involved in the last worker’s comp and insurance stand-of in 1997 and it is sad to see nothing has changed. When I began my apprenticeship there were 31 senior riders in Tasmania, now that is down to 13. Why? Because not only is it a difficult way of life, there is virtually no protection for riders when things go wrong. The owners and bureaucrats don’t put their lives at risk for the enjoyment of others. Why do we need fund-raising for people like Bev Buckingham and Terry McCallister when they loose their livelihood putting on the show because basic things like worker’s compensation are not seen as necessary for hardworking, battling jockeys, most of whom only make a meagre living? To have apprentices fill the void under instructions because they have no say under the rule if racing is disgusting.

William D. Bloomfield,

Garden Island Creek.

Friday 3rd August, 2007


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