Aussie soccer up and running

Last years World Cup success for the Socceroos gave us every indication that there was still a place for the round ball game in Australian sport which has been up to now dominated by our version of football. Following on from the success of our Aussie men, the Matilda’s world cup campaign was triumphant in that they got there and after impressive group stage results they set themselves for a knockout stage debut against the Brazilians which unfortunately was where it ended. Signings with a number of high ranked clubs such as Newcastle (Viduka), Liverpool (Kewell), PSV (Culina), West Ham (Neil) and Palermo (Bresciano) and Torino (Grella) further backs up the statement that soccer in Australia is at its strongest. It’s no just the players coming out of Australia but as well those coming into the seemingly revamped A-league. In years gone the lack of support, financial difficulties and little publicity almost seemed enough to finish the league. This year though the A-league has hit back with big players emerging and support ever growing, Brazilians Juninho, Diego and Felipe are just some of the talents on show. For year’s soccer followers in Australia have resorted to the European leagues, but as the Australian men and women continue to impress and the A-league puts forward their fine talents, supports may opt to keep their attention in Australian soccer, where it belongs.