Serbian Superstar

For Roger Federer, conceding a Grand Slam other than the French doesn’t at all seem possible. Year after year his dominance is once again relived which brings along the question when the immortal Federer will loose his reign over tennis. Realistically it has to happen sometime, but who will succeed in overthrowing the current king of tennis, none other than Serbian Novak Djokovic. A rare sight at this year’s Montréal Masters saw Djokovic beat the FedExpress and then come up against him in the recently completed US Open. With a tendency to stand up when it counts, Federer wasn’t going to concede to the young Serbian again, but Djokovic had other plans, taking it to the Swiss maestro with shots out of Federer’s book. Unfortunately Djokovic wasn’t able to capitalise on a number of set points and Federer as great as he is, closed out a three set victory. The end score didn’t show the real story, on another day Djokovic may have won those sets he looked surely set to win and he may have been the one titled 2007 US Open winner, but it wasn’t to be. This is but only the start for Djokovic, and when the time comes to crown the illustrious world number 1, Djokovic will be one they look at.